Activities at the Sanctuary

Environmental Sustainability

A biogas digester has been setup on the premises to convert cow manure into methane. This methane can be used to produce energy to power the farm house and warm the cow sheds.

Biogas Digester

Vedic Rituals

- Agni Hotra is an ancient puja (ritual) performed to balance the elements and purify the atmosphere

- Nada Abhishekham (ablutions) are performed to the Sivalingam with mantra and music

- Celebration of Vedic festivals like Sivaratri, Holi and Diwali

Bhajan & Kirtan

Namasmaranam in the form of mantra, Kirtan, and Bhajan are performed in the cow sheds in proximity to the cows. This is a unique bonding experience with the cows. Suprabatham and chanting have also been conducted.

Image by Ricky Singh
Image by Peter Feghali

Organic Farming 

​Agriculture is a means of connecting directly to the Earth by growing and harvesting food. Volunteers can till the land and pick the crops and vegetables (corn, tomatoes, squash). New crops can also be planted. This provides an enriching experience of organic farming and an understanding of where our food comes from.

Krishna Leela (Herding the Cows)

Herding cows is a past time of Sri Krishna referenced many times in the Bhagavatam. Individuals are given the opportunity to herd the cows from the grazing land to the barn. 

White Gradient

The Sanctuary is always bustling with activity, from taking care of our animals and the land, to Vedic rituals and ceremonies.


Feeding the Cows

Feeding the cows is a great way to connect with them. They love all kinds of foods including: bananas, Parle-G, corn and cookies!

Cow Sanctuary 2.jpeg

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