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Press coverage of Lakshmi Cow Sanctuary

Can Being Nice To Cows Save The World?

STROUDSBURG, Pa. — Every day, a joyful man in dung-covered boots tries to balance the world's karma by dishing out love, compassion, and the occasional fried Indian delight to his ragtag herd of cows.

Pa. Sanctuary Saves Cows From Slaughter

Down an unmarked dirt road in a hilly corner of eastern Pennsylvania, Sankar Sastri calls out to his nine cows who, after a moment, charge around an old stone fence and romp around Sastri like children at play.

Cow Before Country For Couple

Washington, June 6: An American couple in Angelica, a rural town in New York state, is seeking political asylum in India, accusing the US of “government-sponsored terrorism” against them for their attempts to protect cows.

My Visit To A Cow Sanctuary

“Wanna go see the cows?”
It’s been three weeks since we’ve been talking about visiting the cow sanctuary. During those three weeks, it was one day or the other we had to postpone our visit.

Lakshmi Cow Sanctuary Offers Refuge To Cows And People

The Lakshmi Cow Sanctuary not only rescues cows, but also gives refuge to the human heart. That is the philosophy of Sankar Sastri, owner of the 42-acre farm in Upper Mount Bethel Township.

The Professor Who Runs A Cow Sanctuary In The US

Sankar Sastri, a lifelong bachelor and former New York engineering technology professor, is reportedly the first person to have a dharmic private farm, the Lakshmi Cow Sanctuary, for cows in America.

This Ground-Breaking Photographer is Helping Farm Animals With Every Click

Animals commonly raised for food production, such as chickens, goats, cows or pigs, rarely have the opportunity to be seen as the intelligent, sophisticated beings they are.